A Compliant Global Crypto-backed Lending Platform

ZOS Lending

Mortgage Cryptocurrency to Borrow Fiat Money

Borrowers mortgage their crypto assets(BTC, ETH) on the platform, and lenders lend out fiat money(CAD, USD, Euro, Peso, etc.) without risk.

Two Parallel Worlds

ZOS Lending Network connects crypto currencies by cross-chain technology, and provides crypto-holders with crypto-backed loan service and risk management of smart contract. Financial institutions provide global users with fiat investment service.

How to Make a Loan

The fiat funds around the world are seamlessly connected with global credit assets by smart contracts on ZOS lending network, and the risk is hedged via automatic risk management system.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Borrower makes a loan request.

Operators match funds.

Smart contracts implement loan agreement seamlessly.

Who are ZOS Users?


All income of miners is based on cyptocurrencies from mining, but the expenditures of mining equipments and energy consumption must be settled by fiat currency. It brings a big demand for crypto-backed loan.

Project Party

The project financing is mainly based on cryptocurrency, and the daily expenses after financing is required to be settled by fiat currency, but most of the project parties are crypto believers and it’s hard form them to sell the cryptocurrency. It generates the demand for crypto-backed loan.


The revenue of exchanges is mainly based on cryptocurrency, but the daily expenses are paid in fiat currency. Here comes the demand for crypto-backed loan.


A trading user holding cryptocurrency values BTC, and he does not want to sell BTC in hand. At the same time, he sees a chance of ETH in the near future. Here comes the demand for crypto-backed loan. He can mortgage BTC to borrow USDT, and then buy ETH with USDT, repay USDT after getting profit.

Hedge Fund

Large-capacity passively-configured hedge funds, while holding BTC's long open positions, amplify trading leverage through mortgage chips, improve capital utilization, and obtain high returns.






We are Different

ZOS network is the first open financial system with financial services covering 7 billion people, and makes lending service accessible all over the world.

Business Model

ZOS operates under the operator lending model rather than self-operated model, and any financial institution can freely access the network for investment and loan.

Loan Mode

ZOS Lending supports most mainstream cryptocurrencies as collateral. Borrowers are free to choose credit enhancement measures according to their own demands, greatly reducing borrowers’ entry threshold.


ZOS meets the compliance requirements through the licensed compliant operators on ZOSNet, and the NPL is disposed by the compliant fiat exchanges.


ZOS makes the standardized lending protocols by using graphene technology and DPOS consensus. Operators can freely join the ZOS lending network.


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