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Global Lending Network

The global remittance service now is already accessible all over the world. By connecting two parallel worlds of crypto assets and fiat assets, ZOS Lending will make global lending business as easy as the global remittance in the near future. Now it covers three countries.

ZosNet Access Modes

Clone Access

Technical Protocol Access

Provide users with standard pages of lending service.

Integrate into your lending platform via ZOS Chain API

Build up the lending business of your own brand quickly

Get credit assets via API

Without technical development

A consistent lending experience for all users

Global users access your lending service

Provide investors with a flexible investment mode

Reduce risk by mortgage

Use your own basic services including KYC

Global users enjoy your lending business

Reduce risk by mortgage

What does ZosNet provide you?

A provider of one-stop cloud lending solution based on blockchain technology

Security of Collateral

Top-level Risk Management

Principal Guarantee Agreement

The crypto assets mortgaged for each loan are managed by the authoritative third-party(i.e. Huobi).

Collaterals are mortgaged in full , call-margin line and close-position line are set in a high level.

Guarantee companies are introduced to pay all debts for defaulting borrowers in accordance .

Global Business

Realtime Settlement of Return

Efficient Access

Global crypto-baked loan business operated on the platform, with no restriction in geography and currency.

Every return on the lending platform is settled in real time on ZOS blockchain, and arrives to the corresponding account .

Standardized access process, followed up by our engineers in the whole process, and one-click access.

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