Get A New Business

Financial Institution

A Common Choice by Many Countries

Financial institutions can operate crypto-backed lending business by accessing ZOSNet, just as simple as running an online store. It greatly simplifies the financial service, lowers financial cost and increases the global liquidity of financial products.


New Profit

Lower Cost

Global Users

Risk and Compliance

Get a new business

No technical and marketing cost

Access the global users of ZOSNet

Profit without risk, cryptocurrency compliance management

Business Opportunity

For All Global Crypto-holders

Providing Compliant Service for Crypto Assets with Value of 100 billion USD

At least 30 million users worldwide, and the number is still growing.

As the most liquid currency in the world,cryptocurrency should be efficiently utilized and managed.

New Opportunity

With the compliance development of assets digitization, a large number of physical assets will be digitalized and form a huge market of crypto-backed lending.

Crypto Asset Market

STO Market

Strategy for Future

Lending Business Upgrade

Significantly lower the credit threshold, achieve the cross-regional mortgage, speed up the loan release.

Technology Upgrade

Peer-to-peer blockchain technology, distributed ledger of financial business, moving towards open finance.


Canadian iBank Launched Crypto-backed Lending Business of CAD

Sasbank of Philippines Launches Crypto-backed Lending Business of PESO

Built up their own lending website based on ZOS lending network, provide App to users.

Added the lending business of Peso directly on ZOS Lending platform, no need of the code development.

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