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What is ZOS Chain


DPOS consensus mechanis



ZOS Chain has established a distributed ledger for the lending business, and has also established a distributed ledger for financial institutions that borrow from French currency, and is also an open financial infrastructure.

Confirm speed

3 seconds


Bank-level account mode

Technology Architecture

The bottom layer uses the mature Graphene framework to provide low-level blockchain services such as block format, consensus algorithms, networks, databases, user and rights management, asset management.


Gateway service

A decentralized way of digital assets. When a user's digital assets enter the ZOS network, the gateway performs recharge and withdrawal, and the gateway unconditionally accepts.

KYC service

KYC service is provided by an authoritative third-party certification body, and the certification result is written into ZOS.

Feeding service

A decentralized digital asset price discovery mechanism in which the “trustee” obtains reliable exchange rate information from the exchange and writes it into the ZOS.

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Loan agreement


Loan agreement

Through these standards and agreements, financial institutions can access the global lending network to provide loan services to users around the world.

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Protocol data standard

The borrowing demand is standardized by the loan data and written into the loan contract, and the contract is executed through the smart contract.

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