Economic Rewards

Autonomous economic model

ZOS revenue

The service fees charged by the platform all flow into the “budget pool” for the ZOS ecological construction. The future does not rule out the setting of the holder's dividend mechanism, which will be voted by the budget committee. ZOS is the world's first mechanism to introduce a composite reward pool (multi-currency budget system)


ZOS free economy

The classic model of the Internet economy is a free economy, which is difficult to achieve in the blockchain due to the existence of attacks. In order to allow 90% of users to enjoy the free use of the network, we have developed a coupon function, which can do 100 transactions per month for free.


Worker reward

We designed reward mechanisms for community contributors. Community users can initiate and submit work plans that are beneficial to the community, and then be approved by the budget committee for approval.


Packing node reward

The total number of node reward pools is 700 million ZOS tokens, and the fuel cost (GAS) charges generated by the transaction are all put into the node reward pool. In the initial stage, 10 ZOS are generated in each block and deducted from the node reward pool.